Water Man­age­ment in North Holland

God cre­ated the world, but the Dutch cre­ated their own coun­try”, goes a well known say­ing. In fact, the Dutch have been shap­ing their coun­try for nearly a mil­len­nium, fight­ing against the water, but also learn­ing to live with it.

Large parts of the Neth­er­lands were once covered by water. Start­ing in the 16th cen­tury, the Dutch reclaimed lakes with the help of wind­mills, built dykes and cre­ated arti­fi­cial land. But des­pite such land reclam­a­tion pro­jects, most Dutch people were still con­tinu­ously sur­roun­ded by water and had to find ways to live with it. A good example is the island of Marken, loc­ated in the former Zuiderzee. As pic­tur­esque as it might appear today, its inhab­it­ants struggled with flood­ings for cen­tur­ies — until the Zuiderzee became lake IJs­sel­meer in 1932.

Let us take you on a tour to the North of Hol­land, start­ing in Amsterdam. We’ll show you the very first polder cre­ated with the help of wind­mills, explain about land reclam­a­tion in the Golden Age, chal­lenges over the cen­tur­ies and cur­rent approaches to water management.


Pro­gramme: Water Man­age­ment in North Holland

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