Golden Age Walk

The his­tor­ical centre of Amsterdam is a UNESCO world her­it­age site and counts no less than 8500 lis­ted monu­ments. The decis­ive period in its devel­op­ment was the Golden Age of the Netherlands.


From its ori­gins as a fisherman’s vil­lage in the 12th cen­tury, Amsterdam developed into an import­ant har­bour town and then became one of the most prom­in­ent cit­ies in Europe. This devel­op­ment is still vis­ible in the city fab­ric today. Take a chro­no­lo­gical walk from the very first har­bour to the medi­eval part of town and the baroque canal area, fin­ish­ing in the village-like Jordaan quarter with its hid­den courtyards.

On this tour we show you the old town of Amsterdam from an archi­tect’s per­spect­ive, inform­ing you about his­tor­ical urban design and the archi­tec­ture of canal houses, but also about recent devel­op­ments and real estate prices. Cur­rent top­ics like dens­ity and over­tour­ism are also addressed.


Pro­gramme: Golden Age Walk

  •  Explan­a­tions about the city his­tory of Amsterdam: ori­gins, Golden Age, indus­tri­al­iz­i­ation, recent developments
  • Chin­atown and Red­light District
  • Dam Square
  • Canal area, with explan­a­tions about the urban lay­out, cre­ation of the canals, water man­age­ment, archi­tec­ture of canal houses
  • Jordaan quarter, incl. visit to sev­eral hid­den ‘hofjes’: his­toric court­yards with hous­ing for the eld­erly (week­days only)

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Your health is our top priority! Our tours take place in the open air, with 1,50 metre safety distance between participants and max. 15 participants per guide. A user-friendly and hygienic audioguide system is available and can be used with your own headphones.