Bike Mobil­ity

Amsterdam is undis­putedly the European bike cap­ital. The modal split for cyc­ling reaches around 50% in the city as a whole and even 62% in the inner city. Here, cyc­ling is not a sport, but an every­day mode of transport.


And while other cit­ies are more or less eagerly work­ing on the exten­sion of their bike infra­struc­ture, we’re already there. Bicycle lanes form a con­tinu­ous net­work, they’re broad enough for con­ver­sa­tional cyc­ling and equipped with their own traffic lights.


Exper­i­ence Dutch cyc­ling infra­struc­ture on a tour through the his­toric city centre as well as some newly developed areas with architour. We’ll explain about the design of bike lanes, round­abouts and inter­sec­tions, innov­at­ive bicycle gar­ages, shared space con­cepts and the import­ance of non-verbal communication.


Pro­gramme: Bike Mobility

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