Tours in Almere

Almere, locat­ed just 15 kilo­me­ters out­side of Ams­ter­dam, is con­sid­ered one of the most suc­cess­ful new towns in Europe. The city was found­ed in 1977 and already counts almost 200,000 inhab­i­tants.In the 1980s, a sub­ur­ban sprawl arose on the fresh­ly reclaimed Flevopold­er. 20 years lat­er, OMA implant­ed a city cen­tre. Today, the city opts for bot­tom-up process­es and lots of room for pri­vate ini­tia­tives. Let us show you the fastest grow­ing and most exper­i­men­tal new town in the Netherlands!

Almere Key Topics