Walk through an inter­est­ing area in the city and listen to our explan­a­tions about build­ings and pro­jects! 100% Covid-proof and avail­able 24/7.


We tell you the stor­ies behind the build­ings. Find out about his­tor­ical and cur­rent devel­op­ments and hear about the argu­ments and dilem­mas behind urban issues.


All you need is a smart­phone or tab­let. Tours can be fol­lowed online or off­line in your browser (no need for a spe­cial app) and are access­ible via a link or QR-code. We provide 3–4 minutes of spoken explan­a­tions and 4–5 pho­tos per stop as well as a GoogleMap with all the loc­a­tions. We pro­duce audi­o­tours in Eng­lish, Dutch or Ger­man.

architour devel­ops audi­o­tours for a.o. archi­tec­ture firms, busi­ness asso­ci­ations and pro­ject developers. Just let us know what you’re inter­ested in!

Audi­o­tour Damrak

Ori­gin­ally, Dam­rak was the har­bour of Amsterdam. A rad­ical change came with the con­struc­tion of the Cent­ral Sta­tion, which cut off the Dam­rak from the open har­bour front. The second major inter­ven­tion was the con­struc­tion of the Beurs van Ber­lage. Today, Dam­rak is the entrance portal to Amsterdam. Let’s go and dis­cover the Damrak!

Audi­o­tour Dam Square

Wel­come to our audi­o­tour on Dam Square! Chances are that you already know this place quite well. But is it self-evident that Dam square looks the way it does? We take the wide square with its gran­ite pave­ment for gran­ted – but in fact it is one of the most fluid city squares in Europe. Dur­ing this tour you’ll find out about the ori­gins of the square, but also about its archi­tec­ture through the cen­tur­ies. Dis­cover the Dam with architour!

Audi­o­tour Rokin

Who designed Rokin Plaza? How was the Bicyc­loud made? What is the story behind the Mir­acle Column? These and many more ques­tions are answered dur­ing this audi­o­tour along Rokin! An archi­tec­ture guide from the architour-team takes you on a Corona-proof trip along Rokin and tells you the stor­ies behind 15 remark­able build­ings and pro­jects – from Indus­tria to Hotel De L’Europe. Let’s go!

Audi­o­tour Nes

Des­pite its humble dimen­sions, the Nes is quite a well-known address in Amsterdam – but most people only ever come here in the even­ing, when the many theat­ers and res­taur­ants open their doors. But that’s exactly why there’s a lot to dis­cover in day­light. On this audi­o­tour, you’ll hear a lot about con­vents, theatres and tobacco. So let’s go and dis­cover the Nes!

Your health is our top priority! Our tours take place in the open air, with 1,50 metre safety distance between participants and max. 15 participants per guide. A user-friendly and hygienic audioguide system is available and can be used with your own headphones.