Tours in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is innov­at­ive, cre­at­ive, cos­mo­pol­itan – and a little rough around the edges.


After its city centre was erad­ic­ated in the Second World War, Rotterdam rose from the ashes and rein­ven­ted itself as a cre­at­ive hub. Its har­bour is the largest in Europe, and its archi­tec­ture is the most dar­ing in the Neth­er­lands. Glossy sky­scrapers can be found next to tiny infill pro­jects, iconic archi­tec­ture next to bottom-up ini­ti­at­ives. No won­der that the city has a thriv­ing archi­tec­ture scene, includ­ing renowned offices such as OMA and MVRDV. 


Let us show you the most dynamic city in the Netherlands!

Rotterdam Key Topics

“Both guides did an excel­lent job, they were very well pre­pared and provided us with very inter­est­ing insights! Thank you for design­ing a cus­tom­ized pro­gramme for us!”
Anja Ban­dorf, BNP Land­scape Archi­tects, Zurich, Switzerland
“You showed us the ‘new Rotterdam’. We loved the pro­fes­sional expert­ise of the guide as well as his sym­path­etic way of present­ing the pro­jects. Thank you for the great organ­iz­a­tion and guiding!”
Birgit Striegl, RBS GmbH, Ber­gisch Glad­bach, Germany