Water Man­age­ment and Cli­mate Adapt­a­tion

Due to its loc­a­tion in the delta of the Rhine, Rotterdam is often called “delta met­ro­pol­is”. As impress­ive as that may sound, it also entails some chal­lenges. What to do with increas­ing pre­cip­it­a­tion in a city, which lies largely below sea level and where water comes from all dir­ec­tions: from the sea, the river, the ground and the sky?

The most pop­u­lar keyword at the moment is „meer­voud­ig ruimtegebruik“, i.e. mul­ticod­ing. It res­ults in plans for a float­ing cattle farm, but also in the com­bin­a­tion of a dyke, shop­ping centre and park in one build­ing, or of a park­ing gar­age com­bined with rain­wa­ter stor­age. The most prom­in­ent pro­to­type so far is water square Ben­themplein, which doubles as rain­wa­ter stor­age and sports field.

The formerly neg­lected office dis­trict Zomer­hofk­warti­er has been declared a test field for rain­wa­ter reten­tion pro­jects, the main task being a de-seal­ing of pub­lic space.

On this tour you’ll exper­i­ence sev­er­al pro­to­types for cli­mate change mit­ig­a­tion and rain­wa­ter reten­tion, high­light­ing exper­i­ment­al approaches to spa­tial chal­lenges.


Tour Pro­gramme

  • Cent­ral Sta­tion (Team CS — West 8, Ben­them Crouwel, Mey­er en Van Schoot en, 2013), with explan­a­tions about under­ground rain­wa­ter stor­age Kruis­plein gar­age
  • Trans­form­a­tion of office build­ing Schieblok with urb­an farm­ing roof (ZUS, 2011)
  • Crowd-fun­ded ped­es­tri­an bridge Luchtsin­gel (ZUS, 2014)
  • Rain­wa­ter reten­tion square Ben­themplein (De Urb­an­is­ten, 2013)
  • Rain(a)Way-tiles and Rain let­ters (Fien Dek­ker, 2014)
  • Dak­park (Buro Sant en Co, 2014) Europe’s largest roof-park on top of a shop­ping mall, integ­rated into a dyke
  • Half-day tour
  • Private groups only!
  • Trans­port: walk­ing, bike, bus, pub­lic trans­port
  • Please con­tact us for a quote

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