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architour has been organ­iz­ing pro­fes­sional archi­tec­ture tours for groups in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other Dutch cit­ies since 2004. All pro­grammes are designed and guided by exper­i­enced local architects.

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We also offer other architecture-related ser­vices, e.g. vir­tual archi­tec­ture tours, audi­o­tours, talks and a fun archi­tec­ture quiz, which can be played online or offline.

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Archi­tec­ture tours with architour are inform­at­ive and fun! We com­pose the best pro­gramme for your tour and take care of all reser­va­tions. Let us give you an insight into mod­ern archi­tec­ture and con­tem­por­ary build­ing activ­ity in the Netherlands!

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