archi­tec­ture tours in the neth­er­lands

tours for groups

architour has been organ­iz­ing archi­tec­ture tours for groups in the Neth­er­lands since 2004. We devel­op study tours and site vis­its on vari­ous themes in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and oth­er Dutch cit­ies.

Indi­vidu­al pro­grammes

Tour pro­grammes are adap­ted to your wishes and may include interi­or vis­its, meet­ings or lec­tures. We can also devise multi-day study tours for your group.

archi­tects as guides

All tours are guided by exper­i­enced loc­al archi­tects, who provide in-depth explan­a­tions about spa­tial devel­op­ments and build­ing prac­tice in the Neth­er­lands.

Tours in Amsterdam

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Tours in Rotterdam

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Cus­tom Tours

Spe­cial wishes? We com­pose the ideal pro­gramme for you!
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Tours in oth­er cit­ies

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Why choose architour?

  • We provide per­son­al advice and design the best pro­gramme for your group
  • Our guides are exper­i­enced loc­al archi­tects and great com­mu­nic­at­ors
  • We have excel­lent con­nec­tions in the loc­al archi­tec­ture scene and open doors for you
  • We take care of all tour logist­ics

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