Around the Cent­ral Sta­tion

Most recent devel­op­ments in Amsterdam can be found along the water­front. When the Cent­ral Sta­tion was built in the late 19th cen­tury, the old town was sep­ar­ated from the har­bour. For nearly a cen­tury, the water­front remained har­bour area, until a redis­cov­ery star­ted in the 1990s.


Over the last years, the Cent­ral Sta­tion has been exten­ded with a new retail area, bus sta­tion and second main entrance on the water­side. East and west of it lie Oos­t­er­dok­sei­l­and and Wes­t­er­dok­sei­l­and, which have been trans­formed into high-dens­ity city quar­ters. The latest addi­tion is arti­fi­cial pen­in­sula IJdock, with the new Palace of Justice, a hotel, hous­ing, offices and a mar­ina.


Now the devel­op­ment con­tin­ues on the oppos­ite side of the water, just a short ferry ride away, with the EYE Film Insti­tute and the con­ver­sion of the former Shell highrise, topped by a spec­tac­u­lar view­ing plat­form.

We’ll take you on a tour of the sta­tion and its sur­round­ings, includ­ing new res­id­en­tial devel­op­ments as well as icon­ic pub­lic build­ings.


Pro­gramme: Around the Cent­ral Sta­tion

  • Oos­t­er­dok­sei­l­and (mas­ter­plan by Erick van Eger­aat) Music School (Frits van Don­gen, 2007) Pub­lic Lib­rary (Jo Coen­en, 2007)
  • Amsterdam Cent­ral Sta­tion (Pierre Cuypers, 1889; Ben­them Crouwel, Wiel Arets, Power­house Com­pany, 2015)
  • EYE Film Insti­tute (Delugan Meissl, 2012)
  • Adam Tower (Arthur Staal, 1967 / Claus en Van Wagen­in­gen, 2016)
  • Wes­t­er­dok­sei­l­and with hous­ing pro­jects by a.o. MVRDV (2007–2010)
  • IJdock (mas­ter­plan by SeARCH and Dick van Gamer­en) Hotel and office block (Jan Bakers, 2013), hous­ing block (Zein­stra van Gelder­en, 2013) Palace of Justice (Claus en Kaan, 2013)
  • 2‑hour or half-day tour
  • Private groups only!
  • Trans­port: walk­ing, bike
  • Please con­tact us for a quote

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