Climate Resilient Amsterdam

Resilience is an impor­tant top­ic in the Nether­lands. The low-lying parts of the coun­try, includ­ing Ams­ter­dam, must learn to cope with ris­ing sea lev­els and increas­ing rainfall. 

The city of Ams­ter­dam is there­fore not only stim­u­lat­ing projects to retain rain­wa­ter and unseal pub­lic spaces, but is also pro­mot­ing sus­tain­able mobil­i­ty by pub­lic trans­port and bicy­cle. This includes a large, new bicy­cle car park under a har­bour basin at the sta­tion, as well as a metro line that cre­ates a high-speed con­nec­tion across the city to Ams­ter­dam-Zuid. In the Frans Hals­bu­urt neigh­bour­hood of De Pijp, all park­ing spaces have been removed from the pub­lic space and pock­et parks and bicy­cle park­ing spaces have been cre­at­ed in their place. A few stops fur­ther on, in the Zuidas office dis­trict, you can see var­i­ous projects to unseal pub­lic spaces as well as spec­tac­u­lar new archi­tec­tur­al icons with a green concept. 

This tour focus­es on sus­tain­able mobil­i­ty, bicy­cle park­ing and rain­wa­ter reten­tion. All projects aim to make Ams­ter­dam a resilient city.

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Tour Programme: Climate Resilient Amsterdam

  • Ams­ter­dam Cen­traal: new water­front boule­vard for bicy­cle and pedestrian

    traf­fic, under­wa­ter garage for 7000 bicycles

  • Noord-Zuidli­jn metro (Ben­them Crouwel, 2018)

  • Frans Hals­bu­urt: Redesign­ing a neigh­bour­hood with­out park­ing spaces

    Metro ride to Zuidas

  • Zuidas dis­trict: Expla­na­tions about the urban design and project history
  • Redesign of Prins­es Iren­es­traat with water-buffer­ing green strip
  • Office build­ing Goede Doe­len Loter­ij (Ben­them Crouwel, 2019)
  • Mixed-use high­rise com­plex Val­ley (MVRDV, 2022)

    Spec­tac­u­lar high-rise com­plex with green façades and pub­lic route across­the base

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