Cli­mate Resi­li­ent Amsterdam

Resi­li­ence is a big issue in the Neth­er­lands. Accord­ingly, the muni­cip­al­ity of Amsterdam stim­u­lates rain­wa­ter reten­tion pro­jects and the de-seal­ing of urb­an sur­faces, but also pro­motes pub­lic trans­port and bik­ing over car traffic.

The new can­opy of the Cent­ral Sta­tion leads rain­wa­ter dir­ectly into the river instead of the sew­er­age sys­tem. Under the can­opy lies a pub­lic trans­port hub with bus ter­min­al, pas­sen­ger hall and the entrance to a new metro line. This line cre­ates a super-fast con­nec­tion through the city centre to Amsterdam-Zuid and Zui­das. In this dis­trict, there are innov­at­ive designs of pub­lic space and polder roof gar­dens that fea­ture smart rain­wa­ter buf­fer­ing solu­tions. The sus­tain­able and cir­cu­lar CIRCL pavil­lion loc­ated at the heart of the area,  serves as a hub for all green ini­ti­at­ives.

On this tour, we‘ll high­light sus­tain­able mobil­ity, bike park­ing facil­it­ies and rain­wa­ter reten­tion pro­jects, all aim­ing at the cre­ation of a resi­li­ent city.


Tour Pro­gramme: Cli­mate Resi­li­ent Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Cent­ral Sta­tion — IJhal (Ben­them Crouwel, Wiel Arets, 2014)
  • Noord-Zuid­lijn metro (Ben­them Crouwel, 2018)
  • Zui­das dis­trict: Explan­a­tions about the urb­an design and pro­ject his­tory
  • Redesign of Prinses Irenes­traat with water-buf­fer­ing green strip
  • Office build­ing Goede Doelen Loter­ij (Ben­them Crouwel, 2019)
  • Bike gar­age Straw­in­s­ky­laan (wUrck, 2018)
  • CIRCL pavil­lion (De ArchitectenCie/Doepel Strijkers, 2017) — interi­or vis­it
  • Roof garden of 1960s hous­ing block De Boel (Dak­dok­ters, 2018)
  • Polder roof park Viv­aldi (Dak­dok­ters, 2018)
  • Half-day tour
  • for groups
  • Trans­port: walking/bike/public trans­port
  • Please con­tact us for a quote

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