Afford­able Hous­ing in Noord

Amsterdam-Noord is a work­ers’ hous­ing area in trans­ition. It con­sists of a mix of garden cit­ies from the 1920s and post-war res­id­en­tial devel­op­ments. After dec­ades of neg­lect, a pro­cess of gentri­fic­a­tion is cur­rently under­way – and arouses con­sid­er­able con­tro­versy.

In Van de Pek­buurt, hous­ing cor­por­a­tion Ymere recently real­ized a prize-win­ning, large-scale renov­a­tion scheme. Adja­cent neigh­bour­hood Bloe­men­buurt is also in trans­form­a­tion: Built in the early 1930s, it con­sisted of social rent­al apart­ments, which have partly been merged into lar­ger free-sec­tor rent­al houses.

A short ride with the new metro leads to Plan van Gool, a hous­ing area from the 1960s, which has also recently under­gone a renov­a­tion. The aim was to bring the hous­ing blocks up to stand­ard — regard­ing sus­tain­ab­il­ity as well as safety.

We’ll take you on a tour through work­ing class hous­ing areas in trans­ition, high­light­ing the best renov­a­tion and trans­form­a­tion pro­jects.


Pro­gramme: Afford­able Hous­ing in Noord

  • Van der Pek­buurt (hous­ing asso­ci­ation Ymere, renov­a­tion 2014 — 2017) Hous­ing area with social rent­al row houses, recently redeveloped
  • Mos­plein (SeARCH, 2016) Shop­ping centre with 140 park­ing spaces, topped by 53 apart­ments
  • Bloe­men­buurt: garden city next to Noorder­park
  • Metro ride to Noord sta­tion
  • Hous­ing area Plan van Gool (F.J. van Gool, 1962–68)
  • Half-day tour
  • Private groups only!
  • Trans­port: walk­ing, pub­lic trans­port, bike
  • Please con­tact us for a quote

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