Almere: City Centre and Homer­us

The new town of Almere lies on arti­fi­cial land and was foun­ded in 1977. Con­sist­ing mainly of low-rise ter­raced houses, it always served as an over­spill for Amsterdam and didn’t have a city centre of its own.

In the 1990s the crit­ic­al mass of inhab­it­ants was reached and the muni­cip­al­ity decided to finally insert a centre into the town. An ambi­tious mas­ter­plan was made by OMA and filled with build­ings by inter­na­tion­ally renowned archi­tects. Now that Almere finally has a heart, the city con­tin­ues to grow and serve as an exper­i­ment­al field for all kinds of hous­ing typo­lo­gies and innov­at­ive neigh­bour­hood con­cepts. In Homer­uskwarti­er, a city dis­trict with 720 self-build plots is being cre­ated accord­ing to a mas­ter­plan by OMA, and in neigh­bour­ing Plan Duin, a hous­ing area on three arti­fi­cial dunes has star­ted to arise from the polder land.

Vis­it one of the fast­est grow­ing towns in Europe with us, find out about the devel­op­ment of an arti­fi­cial city, urb­an solu­tions and exper­i­ment­al approaches to hous­ing!


Pro­gramme: Almere City Centre and Homer­us

  • Explan­a­tions about the cre­ation of the polders, mas­ter­plan for Almere, growth of the city, plans for the future
  • Walk through the city centre with pro­jects by a.o. OMA, Dav­id Chip­per­field, UNStu­dio, Chris­ti­an de Portzam­parc, Gigon Guy­er, SANAA, SeARCH (2008–2010)
  • Bus ride to Almere-Homer­uskwarti­er
  • Walk through the area along self-built houses by vari­ous archi­tects (2014–2016)
  • Tiny Houses exhib­i­tion (vari­ous archi­tects, 2018)
  • Plan Duin (ZUS, 2012-ca. 2032)
  • Half-day tour
  • Private groups only!
  • Trans­port: bus
  • Please con­tact us for a quote