Utrecht: Dutch Bike Capital

Utrecht is the most import­ant pub­lic trans­port hub in the Neth­er­lands, but the city also counts the highest num­ber of bike move­ments per cap­ita. 125,000 cyc­lists cross the his­tor­ical centre every day on their way to work, uni­ver­sity or school. An impress­ive num­ber, con­sid­er­ing that the city only counts 350,000 inhab­it­ants in total. Accord­ingly, the city has big ambi­tions for its bike infra­struc­ture. All efforts for improve­ments of pub­lic space focus on bike mobil­ity. Safety, com­fort and speed are the main pri­or­it­ies, aim­ing at a doub­ling of cyc­list num­bers by 2030.

In order to facil­it­ate inter­modal exchange, bike park­ing options around the Cent­ral Sta­tion have been increased. The bike lane net­work is being exten­ded with new bridges, tun­nels and fast bike lanes.

On this tour, we’ll show you bike infra­struc­ture solu­tions around the sta­tion and in the old town. We’ll visit vari­ous bike park­ing gar­ages and get first-hand insights on bike traffic in Utrecht.


Pro­gramme: Dutch Bike Capital