Housing in Utrecht

The hous­ing mar­ket in Utrecht is under sim­i­lar pres­sure as in Ams­ter­dam. The pop­u­la­tion is expect­ed to increase by 25% by 2030. In recent years, numer­ous new hous­ing projects have been devel­oped, rang­ing from col­lec­tive hous­ing yards to trans­for­ma­tions of indus­tri­al areas and large-scale urban expan­sions.  Some of the projects are very urban, such as a high-rise res­i­den­tial build­ing above a street­car stop at the main train sta­tion. Some­times they have an almost vil­lage-like char­ac­ter, such as a wood­en apart­ment build­ing on a green court­yard. The con­ver­sion of indus­tri­al areas is also part of the pro­gram, above all the new low-car res­i­den­tial area of Wis­sel­spoor. In the west of the city, on the oth­er hand, lies Lei­d­sche Rijn, one of the largest urban expan­sion projects in the Netherlands.

On this tour, you’ll vis­it a vari­ety of hous­ing projects at all scales. We move by bike through the cen­ter and the west of the city — and also expe­ri­ence the unique cycling infra­struc­ture of Utrecht.

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Programme: Housing in Utrecht

  • High­rise Het Plat­form above train tracks (Ven­ho­evenCS, 2020)

  • 7 Steeg­jes - 19th cen­tu­ry hous­ing area

  • Von­del­parc — 203 apart­ments in green court­yards (Mecanoo, 2002) 

  • Trans­for­ma­tion of the Cere­ol Fac­to­ry (Groos­man / ZECC, 2013)

  • Lei­d­sche Rijn by a.o. Geurst&Schulze, AWG archi­tecten (2022)

  • Kop van Lom­bok (Mar­lies Rohmer, 2014)

  • Water tow­er (Zecc, 2022)

  • Wis­sel­spoor, Mas­ter­plan by Stu­dion­ine­dots (2026–2022), Hous­ing projects by Zecc, Space Encoun­ters, MeesViss­er, Zecc (2022)

  • Tim­ber hous­ing Mon­ic­a­hof by Ramin Visch (2021)

  • Stu­dio apart­ments De Kwek­er­ij by Arons en Gelauff (2023)