Vir­tual Tours

Would you like to get a sneak peek of cur­rent devel­op­ments in the Neth­er­lands? Were you plan­ning an excur­sion, but can’t travel due to Covid? Could your team do with some inspir­a­tion and a nice online get-together? Then our Vir­tual Tours are for you!

We offer vir­tual tours to inter­est­ing devel­op­ment areas in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Your architour guide shows a film of a walk or bike ride through the area, altern­at­ing with inform­a­tion, pho­tos, floor­plans of the pro­jects and live voice-over explan­a­tions about archi­tec­ture and urb­an­ism in the areas, fol­lowed by 15 minutes for Q&A.


Sit­ting on your sofa or at your desk, you’ll get an in-depth, per­son­al­ized impres­sion of the developments.

How does it work?


Online Tour 1

Buik­sloter­ham: From Brown­field to Cir­cu­lar City?

We explore trans­form­a­tion area Buik­sloter­ham, a brown­field which is being con­ver­ted into the first cir­cu­lar dis­trict of Amsterdam. Most new pro­jects in the area are self-built or joint build­ing ven­tures – among them the tallest wooden struc­ture in the city and a neigh­bour­hood of 30 float­ing houses.


Join us on a dynamic guided bike ride!


Online Tour 2

Water Man­age­ment and Cli­mate Adapt­a­tion in Rotterdam

Due to its loc­a­tion in the delta of the Rhine, Rotterdam is often referred to as ‘delta met­ro­polis’. As impress­ive as that may sound, it also entails some challenges.


On this vir­tual tour you’ll exper­i­ence sev­eral bottom-up ini­ti­at­ives for cli­mate change mit­ig­a­tion and rain­wa­ter reten­tion, high­light­ing exper­i­mental approaches to spa­tial challenges.



Online Tour 3

Bicycle Infra­struc­ture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the European bike cap­ital. The modal split for cyc­ling lies around 50%. Here, cyc­ling is not a sport, but an every­day mode of transport.


Exper­i­ence Dutch cyc­ling infra­struc­ture on a vir­tual tour from the Rijks­mu­seum through the city centre, end­ing at the Cent­ral Sta­tion. We’ll explain about the design of bike lanes, innov­at­ive bicycle gar­ages, shared space con­cepts and the import­ance of non-verbal communication.

Your health is our top priority! Our tours take place in the open air, with 1,50 metre safety distance between participants and max. 15 participants per guide. A user-friendly and hygienic audioguide system is available and can be used with your own headphones.