UNStu­dio Archive

UNStu­dio has recently opened a part of its model archive — loc­ated on the KNSM island in Amsterdam — to the public.


Ori­gin­ally inten­ded to act as an inspir­a­tion space — where UNStu­di­o’s archi­tects and design­ers could learn about the his­tory and design pro­cesses at the prac­tice — the UNStu­dio model archive has now been made access­ible to the pub­lic by way of a twice-yearly series of small chan­ging exhibitions.


The UNStu­dio archive can be vis­ited with architour.


Exclus­ive Visit

The first exhib­i­tion, entitled ‘Hid­den Treas­ures’, cel­eb­rates the 30-year his­tory of UNStu­dio and high­lights a selec­tion of mod­els pro­duced by the stu­dio over the years.


The exhib­i­tion includes over 50 mod­els, ran­ging from hand­craf­ted concept, paper and sketch mod­els, through to pro­cess mod­els and form stud­ies that demon­strate the design devel­op­ment of a wide selec­tion of pro­jects, and on to the very earli­est 3D prin­ted scale models.

architour arranges group vis­its to the exhib­i­tion, accom­pan­ied by an archi­tect from our team.


Private tour:
100 Euro excl. VAT, max. 10 par­ti­cipants, book­ing: info@architour.nl


Pub­lic tour:
8 Euro p.p. incl. VAT, every 3rd Sat­urday of the month, 16.00–17.00, online booking