New Rail­way Sta­tions

The west of the Neth­er­lands is one of the most densely pop­u­lated areas in Europe, and many people com­mute between cit­ies by train. The rail­way sys­tem is so dense that it resembles a large-scale metro net­work.

Almost all big rail­way sta­tions in the Neth­er­lands have been exten­ded, trans­formed or replaced by icon­ic new build­ings in recent years. Train sta­tions have become mul­timod­al infra­struc­ture hubs, where train, car, loc­al trans­port, taxi, bikes and ped­es­tri­ans come togeth­er. There’s a flu­id trans­ition from trav­el­ing to shop­ping, park­ing and work­ing; from coun­tryside to city. Often the integ­ra­tion of the sta­tion into a changed urb­an con­text ist the biggest chal­lenge.

We’ll take you on site vis­its to the most impress­ive sta­tion pro­jects of recent years. Exper­i­ence sta­tion design, but also solu­tions for altern­at­ive mobil­ity and mul­timod­al­ity.


Pro­gramme: New Rail­way Sta­tions

  • Rotterdam Centraal (Team CS — Ben­them Crouwel, Mey­er en Van Schooten, West 8, 2013) incl. under­ground bike stor­age, car park­ing gar­age and metro sta­tion
  • Train ride to Delft
  • Delft sta­tion (Mecanoo, 2016) incl. sta­tion hall, muni­cip­al offices and redesign of the former rail­way track zone
  • Train ride to The Hag­ue CS
  • The Hag­ue CS (Ben­them Crouwel, 2017): trans­form­a­tion of a 1970s sta­tion build­ing into an inter­mod­al hub
  • Half-day tour
  • Private groups only!
  • Trans­port: train
  • Please con­tact us for a quote

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