Mobil­ity and Infra­struc­ture

Infra­struc­ture is every­where in Hol­land. In fact, the entire coun­try can be seen as one big infra­struc­tur­al pro­ject. The Neth­er­lands have a very well-developed bike and pub­lic trans­port infra­struc­ture. In Dutch cit­ies, cyc­ling infra­struc­ture forms a con­tinu­ous sys­tem, per­vad­ing the entire city fab­ric and reach­ing out into the coun­tryside.


Anoth­er import­ant form of trans­port in Hol­land is the rail­way. On an aver­age week­day, 1,3 mil­lion people com­mute between cit­ies by train. Accord­ingly, the sys­tem is so dense that it resembles a large-scale metro net­work.


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Mobil­ity and Infra­struc­ture Tours

Bike Lane in Amsterdam

Bike Mobil­ity

Amsterdam Dur­a­tion: 3–4 hours Date and time to be defined max. 15 par­ti­cipants per guide by bike Con­tact us for a quote Amsterdam is undis­putedly

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