Archi­tec­ture Talk & Walk

Amsterdam is a city with a rich urban his­to­ry and a lot of exci­ting new deve­lop­ments. Get a taste of both in just one after­noon during our Walk & Talk !


Visit Archi­tec­ture Centre Amsterdam for a talk on the city’s archi­tec­tu­ral his­to­ry. During a 45-minute lec­ture, you will get to know eve­ry­thing about the ori­gins of the city and how it expan­ded.


This is fol­lo­wed by a gui­ded walk with architour. A local archi­tect will take you on a 2‑hour walk and tell you eve­ry­thing you need to know about the recent rede­ve­lop­ment of the banks of the IJ around Oos­ter­dok and the Cen­tral Sta­tion.



13.30–14.15 Archi­tec­ture Talk by an archi­tec­tu­ral his­to­rian

14.30–16.30 Gui­ded walk, led by a local archi­tect

Pro­jects on the route :
Archi­tec­ture Centre Amsterdam (René van Zuuk, 2003)
Nemo (Ren­zo Pia­no, 1997)
Oos­ter­dok­sei­land (Mas­ter­plan by Erick van Ege­raat)
Public Libra­ry (Jo Coe­nen, 2007)
buil­ding site of (UN Stu­dio, 2020)
Cen­tral Sta­tion (Pierre Cuy­pers, 1883 / Ben­them Crou­wel, Wiel Arets, 2015)
fer­ry ride to the nor­thern shore of Het IJ
EYE Film Ins­ti­tute (Delu­gan Meissl, 2012)
Adam Tower (Arthur Staal, 1969 / Claus en van Wage­nin­gen, 2016)

Archi­tec­ture Talk & Walk is a co-pro­duc­tion of Archi­tec­ture Centre Amsterdam and architour

Due to Covid 19 the Talk & Walk will not take place in 2020. You can book again in spring 2021. Until then, open archi­tec­ture tours in Amsterdam can be boo­ked at City­loop, a new brand of architour.

  • from Eas­ter 2021
  • Talk : 13.30–14.15, Walk : 14.30–16.30
  • Prins Hen­drik­kade 600
  • English

Talk & Walk : 24,50 Euro p.p.

Walk only : 18 Euro p.p., Talk only : 8 Euro p.p.

Your health is our top priority! Our tours take place in the open air, with 1,50 metre safety distance between participants and max. 15 participants per guide. A user-friendly and hygienic audioguide system is available and can be used with your own headphones.