East­ern Dock­lands & Funenpark

Amsterdam’s East­ern Har­bour Dis­trict con­sists of a num­ber of arti­fi­cial pen­in­su­las con­struc­ted around 1900. When the once-flourishing port lost its func­tion, the decision was made to turn the dis­trict into a prom­in­ent res­id­en­tial area. The trans­form­a­tion of the dock­lands, which began in the 1990s, is now com­plete. Diverse urban plans were devised for the vari­ous sec­tions of the dis­trict, mak­ing the East­ern Har­bor Dis­trict a true sampling of the Dutch hous­ing con­struc­tion of recent decades.


Just around the corner lies Fun­en­park, another trans­form­a­tion pro­ject. This innov­at­ive urban devel­op­ment concept com­bines liv­ing and work­ing in high city-centre dens­ity with suf­fi­cient green space. A large res­id­en­tial block acts as noise bar­rier for the train line, which runs next to Fun­en­park. Behind this noise shield, smal­ler res­id­en­tial blocks stand in a car-free, pub­lic green area.

Explore two suc­cess­ful con­ver­sion areas and see a large diversity of res­id­en­tial typologies!


Pro­gramme: East­ern Dock­lands and Funenpark

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