City Har­bours in Transformation

The har­bour of Rotterdam moved sev­eral times through­out the cen­tur­ies, look­ing for places which could accom­mod­ate its growth as well as the increas­ing size of ships. In the 1930s, new har­bour exten­sions were cre­ated on the north­ern shore in the west of the city. Most of the area served as fruit har­bour, where e.g. the orange juice sup­ply for the entire European hin­ter­land used to be transshipped.

In recent years, these har­bour activ­it­ies have star­ted to move even fur­ther west, closer to the North Sea. The Merwe- and Vier­havens area is gradu­ally chan­ging its char­ac­ter, trans­form­ing from har­bour to cre­at­ive breed­ing ground. Many cre­at­ive com­pan­ies have settled in former har­bour build­ings. The muni­cip­al­ity pro­motes this devel­op­ment and facil­it­ates exper­i­mental pro­jects in the area. The M4H-area counts sev­eral remark­able monu­mental build­ings, such as fact­ory build­ing HAKA and the Cit­rus Auc­tion, but also offers space for exper­i­ments, such as the world’s first float­ing farm.

Explore a har­bour area in full trans­ition, hous­ing port func­tions as well as maker spaces, cre­at­ive com­pan­ies and urban garden­ing projects!


Pro­gramme: City Har­bours in Transformation

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