Online Architecture Quiz

Our online archi­tec­ture quiz is a fun team build­ing activ­i­ty – per­fect for your online com­pa­ny event!



What did Le Cor­busier say when Char­lotte Per­riand applied for a job at his office in 1927? One of the founders of which French band stud­ied archi­tec­ture? How did Luís Bar­ragán like his din­ner to be served?


Would you know? Find out how much your col­leagues know about archi­tec­ture in gen­er­al or about your fir­m’s projects! They can form teams or par­tic­i­pate individually.



We play the archi­tec­ture quiz online via Zoom or Teams and with the help of a pub quiz tool. All your col­leagues need is a com­put­er or tablet (to fol­low the show) and a smart­phone (for answer­ing). Of course you can also show the quiz on a beam­er in the office


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Dura­tion: ca. 60 min­utes
Lan­guage: Eng­lish or Dutch


Ques­tions are orga­nized in rounds, pre­sent­ed live and illus­trat­ed with images, videos and sound clips.


We ask mul­ti­ple choice ques­tions about gen­er­al archi­tec­tur­al knowl­edge (quotes, triv­ia, build­ings, anec­dotes…). But we can also cre­ate cus­tomized archi­tec­ture quizzes, e.g. about your own projects.